Une sortie ciné… En Anglais !

6 mars 2021 par APEL

Les classes de 4ème et de 3ème ont eu la chance de pouvoir passer une sympathique journée au Méliès et de visionner deux films en Anglais :


 BUT WHICH ONE DO THEY PREFER ? That’s the question…

Armelle Vilmay Lelarge, 4ème B :

I choose the film  » Music of my life » because it reflects the life of the twentieth century, with the presence of racism against Muslims. Javed, the main character,  wants to become a writer but his father does not agree with him because he believes that this profession is not a real job.

He prefers that he studies to have a job with which he can earn money to support the family.

In this film Javed’s father is against him, while in the film « Yesterday », Jack wants to become a singer and his parents encourage him.

Javed discovered the singer Bruce Springsteen throught a friend he met in high school. Javed listened to his songs and the lyrics reflect him completely.

Since then he has been one of his biggest fans. Not a day goes without talking about Bruce Springsteen.

Hayri Mermel, 4ème A :

My favourite film is « Yesterday » there is action and humour while ‘Music of my life »  is funny but it’ s not my style of film.

What I don’t like is that they took advantage of him to make money.

What I liked to discover is that the film shows  that life is full of flaws.